Adjustable wall mount - LAVA
Remote controlled, motorized wall mount for LCD-TV and Plasma-TV, 26"-50". It will fit all brands.
Kamin - No production



Motorised Pop-up/Down TV system - LAVA
Available in three sizes for screens up to 60". Can be installed to raise or lower screen.
Compact dimensions enable installation in furniture, house trailers or boats.

Beds - Lectus
FIEDLER Innovations AB develops customised adjustable beds.
We deliver everything from construction kits to complete beds, CE-marked, tested and retail packed.

Reading lamp for adjustable beds
Reading and bedside lamp for adjustable beds. Being mounted on the backrest, it conforms to
the position of the bed. Halogen lamp with
dimmer and memory function.
Bedside table for adjustable beds
Bolted to the frame, the table can easily be swung to the head end or the middle of the bed – always within easy reach regardless of bed adjustment.

Wallmotor - Möbelmagasinet
An inexpensive compact motorised system for foldaway beds. Supplied as complete kit for installation
in a closet or behind sliding doors or drapes. 

Cabinet lifter - Granberg
The cabinet is capable of lifting a freestanding kitchen unit, a bench cabinet or a whole row of benches.
It is fitted with a guard to avoid risk of injury.