About us

FIEDLER Innovations International AB is a young, innovative company specialising in smart yet simple products that enhance quality of life and simplify everyday living.
FIEDLER Innovations International AB is a family firm with closely integrated development and sales. Joakim handles product development, and Rose-Marie takes care of sales and administration. We are an efficient, innovative company geared to rapid response.
FIEDLER Innovations International AB is involved in every step of the way from idea to complete product: product development, testing, CE marking, manual, packing for shipment, production, assembly, packaging and delivery.

We operate in three ways:
  • You come to us with a product concept that needs developing and producing;
  • We contact you about a fully developed product of our own;
  • We contact you about a product concept for sale.

We have opted to outsource all production so that we can be flexible with regard to materials and manufacturing methods.
FIEDLER Innovations International AB collaborates with top-class suppliers like the Electrolux Group and Okin Scandinavia AB.Our customers include Lectus Sängar AB, Sängjätten, SOVA, LAVA Electronics AB, bygghemma.se, Granberg Interiör AB and furniture stores in Scandinavia.


FIEDLER Innovations International AB stands for environment-driven product development. Our products are developed to conserve the earth's resources as far as possible and to offer customers an optimum physical environment.